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***New! Sale repaired alternators and analsera with our guarantee***



business hours: Monday - Friday 08 - 17 h; Saturday 08 - 15 ;

Service station and shop " Dinić " can be found at Miloša Obilića 23 , Beška . As a service  station exists since 1999 godine. In a large range of activities that the service station " Dinić " does we can separate car repair , auto electrical work , charging and maintenance of air conditioners , where we are authorized battery service . Within our service is also a shop , where you can buy or order any necessary parts and items for your vehicle . Service station and shop " Dinić " boasts a large number of clients. Service station and shop " Dinić " is a family business. In order to provide quality services in the past year , our service has been equipped with the most modern technical - technological equipment for the vehicles of the new generation . Soon, as part of the service there will be  tire service and wheel alignment .


New! Sale repaired alternators and analsera with our guarantee



Milosa Obilica 23, Beska
022 570 715; 064 118 94 95; 061 111 27 80

Auto mechanic

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